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Five Questions You Can Ask Your Senior about Driving

Senior Care in Spokane WA: Driving Safety

Driving is such a complicated topic when it comes to your aging adult. Talking about what’s going on helps you to find answers for her that work, but you need to get specific information. These questions can help you do that. Are Other Drivers Honking a Lot When You’re Driving? If other drivers are honking…

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Using Respite Care to Reduce Family Tension

Caregiver in Spokane WA: Using Respite Care to Reduce Family Tension

Family dynamics can complicate caregiving immensely. But respite time is an excellent tool to help you defuse those tensions and create a little space to understand each other better. You’ll Feel Better Rested. Family tension crops up for so many reasons when it comes to caregiving, but one of the things that makes it worse…

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Five Tips for Staying Calmer as a Caregiver

Senior Care in Spokane Valley WA: Tips For Staying Calmer

Calm can be a big goal for caregivers because chaos is such a big part of the caregiving process. The less often you experience calm, the more strongly you probably want to achieve it. Use Calm as a Mantra. When you focus on getting to calm, you can get there more quickly. As you start…

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Five Ways to Do a Stress Check

Home Care in Spokane WA: Five Ways to Do a Stress Check

Doing a stress check allows you to assess where you stand right now as a caregiver. As you gain more experience in checking your needs, you’ll find that you get to the “right” answer more quickly. When you give yourself what you need, your stress is going to diminish. Examine Your Physical Needs. Physical needs…

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Why You Should Be Exercising, Too

Elder Care in Spokane WA: The Importance of Exercise

If you’re not already exercising every day, you might be surprised to hear that it can be a big part of keeping you going as a caregiver. You don’t have to exercise a lot, but if you’re consistent with daily exercise you’re going to see some big benefits. You Need to Keep Your Energy Levels…

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Four Real Tools to Help You Feel Better as a Caregiver

Caregiver in Liberty Lake WA: Tools to Help You Feel Better as a Caregiver

Over time as a caregiver you may start to feel as if you’re always run down and feeling lousy. There are so many reasons for this, but it often leads back to not having a defined self-care plan. Adding some of these tools to your kit can help you to feel far more competent as…

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