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Progression of Dementia: 3 Key Signs and Symptoms to Look For

Progression of Dementia: 3 Key Signs and Symptoms to Look For Are you concerned a senior loved one may be developing dementia? Here’s a look at the progression of dementia and what you can watch for. A few decades ago, we considered old age and serious mental decline to go hand in hand. We called…

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What It’s Like Caring for Aging Parents

It’s a difficult challenge many of us may one day face. Here’s what it’s like to care for aging parents. Parenting your parent is the new juxtaposition faced by a generation of adults from age 40 to 60. Our parents have taken care of us. How strange and unsettling it can be to land in…

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What Is Respite Care?

Respite care

If you’re a caregiver, you may wonder if you can ever take a break. Have you considered respite care? What is it? Read on to find out. Caregivers face endless sacrifices and limited time for themselves. In fact, 45% have mental health needs they neglect to fulfill their caregiving role. This is one of the main benefits…

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When is Flu Season Going to End?

The CDC just announced that the 2018/2019 flu season is the longest flu season in history. Elevated flu activity is at 21 weeks, which breaks the 2014/2015 record of 20 weeks. If your parents haven’t had the flu yet, it’s great news. They’re not completely safe yet. Eleven states are still reporting elevated flu activity.…

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