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Benefits of Home Care: Mobility Support Out of the Home

Home Care in Spokane Valley WA: Mobility Support Outside the Home

Getting out of the home is a fantastic way to change up your senior’s routine, stimulate their mind, and help them to get more activity that can keep them healthier as they age in place. If your elderly loved one is struggling with mobility challenges, however, they may hesitate to leave the home often, or…

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What is “Chemo Brain?”

Senior Care in Liberty Lake WA: What is “Chemo Brain?”

Cancer and cancer treatment come with all sorts of troublesome side effects. One side effect that many cancer patients complain about is a feeling of mental fogginess that makes it hard for them to think and can affect memory. This side effect is often referred to as “chemo brain.” Understanding chemo brain and what it’s…

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Four Factors that Change How Your Senior Eats

Home Care in Spokane WA: Factors that Change How Your Senior Eats

Eating is a crucial activity for your aging adult because that’s how she takes in the majority of her nutrients. If she’s malnourished or not eating the way that she should be, some of these factors could be at play. Her Metabolism Slows Down. As your elderly family member ages, her metabolism changes quite a…

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Celebrating Thanksgiving with a Family Recipe Book

Home Care in Liberty Lake WA: Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with your loved ones. As a family caregiver, this is a great opportunity for you to help your parent maintain better mental and emotional health, stimulate their mind, and strengthen bonds in the family.

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FAQs About National COPD Month

Elder Care in Spokane WA: National COPD Month is a time for people to learn more about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a disease that affects millions of Americans. It can affect people of all ages, but it is particularly problematic in elderly adults.

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