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7 Benefits of Pet Therapy for the Elderly

animal therapy

7 Benefits of Animal Therapy for the Elderly Elderly and lonely? You don’t have to be. Did you know that you can give yourself companionship and some therapy all through a pet? That’s right. Through animals such as dogs, you can receive pet therapy. If you have medical health issues, you can even receive medical…

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Top 9 Benefits of In Home Care

The elderly population in the United States is expected to boom within the next several years, growing from 46 million to 98 million. Many seniors may not be in a position to live by themselves. Home health care is the perfect solution. Here are nine benefits of home health care that illustrate why seniors love at-home care. 1.…

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4 Vacation Ideas for Seniors With Limited Mobility

vacation ideas for seniors

Here are some helpful vacation ideas for seniors with limited mobility, because everyone needs a vacation once in a while. Not only are they a great escape from everyday life, but they also reduce stress levels and decrease your chance of heart disease.  Next time you get ready to go on a trip, don’t forget to…

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Get Away This Summer: 7 Travel Tips for Seniors

Seniors Sight Seeing on Vacation

Make the most of your summer get away with these seven simple travel tips for seniors. What are your plans for the summer? Who is coming with you? Are you planning to travel with your grandparents? Senior citizens need to be a little more careful when flying, driving long distances, or going on a cruise.…

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