How to talk to your senior about when to stop driving.

Senior driving safety: when is it time to put down the keys?   Older individuals often find themselves dealing with more health issues, including physical and mental ones, which may prevent them from driving to the best of their ability. Health issues may range from stiff joints and aching muscles to slower reflexes and symptoms…

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Are You in Good Hands? 5 Key Qualities That the Best Caregivers Should Have

caregiver with patient

Are You In Good Hands? 5 Important Qualities of a Caregiver Would you want a cold, sullen, unenthusiastic person to care for you? Of course not. We all want to feel love, compassion, and kindness from the people around us. And this is especially true for older people, who often feel like a burden to…

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Emergency Preparedness: A Checklist for Older Adults and Seniors

emergency preparedness for older adults

Emergency Preparedness: A Checklist for Older Adults and Seniors Did you know that there are over 47 million seniors in the United States? What’s more, is that this number is expected to reach 95 million by 2060! This makes sense when you think about it—after all, older adults often have special needs and requirements. This is especially true for those…

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6 Fun Fall Activities That Seniors and Caregivers Will Love

mature couple in autumn

While we all enjoy the warm weather that summer brings, there’s no doubt that fall is the most favored season.  In fact, 29 percent of Americans say that fall is their favorite season, whereas 25 percent say summer is their favorite season.  And, with the changing of colors, crisp weather, and pumpkin-flavored everything, it’s no wonder that…

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Non-Traditional Ways to Encourage Your Senior to Exercise

Exercise is very important for seniors, especially those receiving senior care at home because they may find themselves spending their days sitting around in their favorite chair watching television from the comfort of their own house when they could be up and moving.

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Coping with a Terminal Illness

Receiving a terminal diagnosis is never easy for a senior or their family, but spending quality time together, seeking supportive care, and allowing them to voice their wishes will help your family feel at ease about the decisions you will make together going forward.

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What Is Companion Care and How an In-Home Caregiver Provides This Service

Does your loved one not get out much or is just in need of some companionship? Companion care is a service many caregivers provide, here’s what it is. What Is Companion Care and How an In-Home Caregiver Provides This As humans, our health is more than our heart rate or our cholesterol levels. Total health…

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