Non-Traditional Ways to Encourage Your Senior to Exercise

Senior Care Cheney WA: Encourage Your Senior to Exercise

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that seniors aged 65 and older who are generally fit should incorporate 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week into their senior care routine. If that sounds like a lot, know that it is acceptable to break it up into 10- or 15-minute chunks of exercise time if they do it at least twice a day.

Exercise is very important for seniors, especially those receiving senior care at home because they may find themselves spending their days sitting around in their favorite chair watching television from the comfort of their own house when they could be up and moving.

Benefits of exercise for seniors include improved strength, increased energy, better balance which can help to prevent falls, improved mood and sleep, and the prevention of some diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

Most seniors 65 and older should be able to exercise safely, but make sure that before your senior parent or loved one adds a new physical activity into their senior care routine that you talk to their doctor. If your senior has issues like high blood pressure or heart disease, some modifications may need to be made.

Here are a few non-traditional ways that you can encourage your senior parent to get exercise so that they can live a longer, healthier life.

Dancing. Because dancing involves physical, mental, and social stimulation, it can be a great way for the senior in your life to get their weekly movement in. See about finding a local group for them to join where they can have fun moving and socializing with other seniors their age.

Playing with grandkids. Anyone with kids knows that they can take a lot of physical energy from you. Allowing the grandkids to spend time with your parent will be beneficial for them both and will get them moving in ways that they wouldn’t otherwise. If your children aren’t very young, consider inviting Mom or Dad to a sports event or other activity that will get them out of the house and being more active.

Walking a dog. What better way to encourage your senior to go for walks than to get a dog? Okay, maybe that’s suggesting a lot, but seniors that have a pet that depends on them for exercise are more likely to get daily movement. Maybe a loved one has a dog that needs walking and you can encourage your senior to come along if they don’t have a dog of their own. Or, there are plenty of shelter pets that could use some exercise as well!

Swim time. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for seniors. Check out your local pool or recreation center to see if they have any group classes specifically for seniors.

Get them new shoes. One way to get people motivated to exercise is by getting new shoes or exercise attire. If you think your senior would appreciate or be motivated to get moving with a new pair of shoes, give it a try!

Make it a contest. If all else fails, maybe your senior is a bit competitive. Make up a contest requiring your senior to get a certain number of movement minutes in each week, and make the prize worth their work!

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Andy Niska