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Posts by Andy Niska

Top 9 Benefits of In Home Care

The elderly population in the United States is expected to boom within the next several years, growing from 46 million to 98 million. Many seniors may not be in a position to live by themselves. Home health care is the perfect solution. Here are nine benefits of home health care that illustrate why seniors love at-home care. 1.…

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Does Medicare Cover In Home Care?

What Does Medicare Home Health Care Cover? Medicare helps millions of Americans, but it can be confusing. Are you eligible for Medicare home health care? Here’s what is covered and what is not. When it’s time get the home-based healthcare help you need, it can be hard to navigate your coverage for these services.  You…

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Is Hiring an In Home Care Giver the Right Choice for You?

Making a decision concerning hospice care comes with a lot of difficult questions. Is an in home caregiver the right choice? Read here to learn more. When a loved one enters hospice care, there’s a lot that needs to be considered. What does your loved one want in terms of care? Is their estate in…

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