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“Our mission is to ensure a better quality of life for our elderly clients and their families by providing dependable and affordable care.”

We have a vision of creating a compassionate service for seniors and their loved ones when the consideration for personal and companionship care is needed.

Our role at Love In Home Senior Care is to educate people on what care choice is the best fit for the senior and their family while attempting to create an opportunity for an informed decision for everyone involved.

This decision making process should be smooth and stress free for everyone, including all family members and their loved ones. Having access to people with experience (like the team at Love In Home Senior Care) to assist you along the way can help this process. With an extensive background in health care, our team has the experience needed to guide and direct your loved one to the choice that is the best fit.

Family Helping Family

One of our mottoes is “family helping family” – and we hope that you will allow us to investigate and see if we can help your family.

As a Spokane based company we currently serve the Greater Spokane area, Spokane Valley and Eastern Washington.

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Contact our team at: (509) 474-0663.

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