You hear the term activities of daily living frequently, but you’re not sure what they really are. Take a closer look at what caregivers mean when they use the term.

Home Care in Spokane WA: Activities of Daily Living

Home Care in Spokane WA: Activities of Daily Living

Activities of Daily Living Defined.

Activities of daily living are tasks people do each day without needing help. These are basic care tasks that make sure a senior is clean, fed, hydrated, and properly groomed.

For most people, they come naturally and are accomplished without a struggle. As you get older, they can be harder to complete without assistance. Muscle and joint pain, mental acuity, and physical strength can impact how well one can accomplish these activities.

Typical Activities of Daily Living.

There are six main activities of daily living. They are:

  1. Eating and staying hydrated.
  2. Bathing/showering.
  3. Getting dressed in appropriate clothing for the temperature.
  4. Maintaining bladder and bowel control.
  5. Using a toilet and cleaning up after.
  6. Walking and moving around.


While those are the main activities of daily living, there are other things that can impact a senior’s life. Not remembering to take medications is one. If there is a chronic health condition that requires medications to stay healthy, seniors need to be able to take those medications without forgetting to take them or accidentally taking too many.

Cutting toenails can become harder. If your parent can’t bend over, there’s a chance toenails will grow too long. The toenails may break and lead to cuts due to the sharp edges. The toenails may curl into nearby toes and lead to sores and potential infections.

Arranging transportation or driving to medical appointments, stores, and businesses is also important. While some seniors may be able to take a local bus, elderly men and women who live in rural areas will not have that option. Transportation may become an area where a senior needs help.

Your parents should also be able to change sheets and towels on a regular basis. Carrying laundry to the laundry room and running a wash load is also important. If your parent struggles to keep up with dirty laundry, caregivers can assist or take over that aspect of daily living.

Home Care Services Eliminate Struggles.

The process of aging can make it hard to complete activities of daily living independently. You and your parents weigh how often help is needed. If your mom has a hard time doing laundry, weekly home care may be enough. If your dad has a hard time cooking meals, daily care is ideal.

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