Home Care Spokane Valley WA: Is Your Senior’s Style Changing?

One of the things that can keep you informed about how your aging family member is doing can be her clothing. If you haven’t been paying much attention to how your senior dresses, you might want to start looking a little more closely at the types of clothing she’s choosing. Also, start to notice whether there are other aspects of her appearance that are changing.

Her Clothing May not Be Working for Her

Your elderly family member’s clothing may be too restrictive for her or it might no longer be appropriate for her needs now. For instance, she may love long, flowing sleeves, but find that they get in the way when she needs to reach for a hand rail. These small changes may occur gradually rather than suddenly.

She May Be Having Trouble Dressing

Your elderly family member may not be able to put her clothing on as easily as she did in the past. Pull-on shirts or sweaters might be difficult to pull on if she’s got a limited range of motion in her upper body, for instance. There are lots of other potential problems, too, such as difficulty with zippers or buttons.

Accessible Clothing Can Help

Clothing that’s designed to be more accessible, such as clothing with elastic bands and drawstrings, can be a lot easier for your elderly family member to wear. She may not have chosen these types of garments in the past, but she may need them now in order to keep dressing herself on a daily basis. This type of clothing is often much easier to put on and doesn’t rely on complicated fastenings.

Home Care Can Help with Personal Care Tasks Like Dressing

If dressing and other grooming tasks are becoming significantly difficult, it might be time to talk to your senior about having help from home care providers. They can make sure that she’s clean, comfortable, and wearing clothing that helps her to feel good and to look the way that she wants to look. This can be something that your senior resists for a long time, but it can make a world of difference in how she feels and how she looks at herself.

Your elderly family member’s wardrobe and how she dresses can tell you an awful lot about how she’s feeling and what might be going on with her. Noticing those small cues can help you to spot potential issues she’s experiencing sooner rather than later.

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