Having a safe stairway is a goal for many caregivers. No one ever wants their elderly family member to fall down the stairs. Making her stairs as fall proof as possible might mean making a few simple adjustments to your senior’s stairway.

Elder Care in Spokane WA: Fall Proofing Stairways

Elder Care in Spokane WA: Fall Proofing Stairways

Install Sturdy Hand Rails.

Make sure that the hand rails in the stairway are secure and solid. If there’s only one, consider adding a second one. That ensures that your elderly family member always has something to grab should she lose her balance. Use wall anchors and place the hand rails at the right height for your elderly family member to grab easily as she goes up and down the stairs.

Check the Lighting and Switch Availability.

Just being able to see the stairs can make a tremendous difference in how well your elderly family member can navigate them. Check the lighting and make sure it’s as bright as possible. Switches at both the top and bottom of the stairs enable her to turn the light on from both locations. Even better, consider adding a motion sensor to make the whole thing hands free.

Clutter Is a Problem.

If the stairs or the areas around the top or bottom of the stairs collect clutter, find another solution right away. Anything that sits on or around the stairs can very easily become a tripping hazard and that can be disastrous.

Check the Carpets and Stair Treads.

Loose carpeting or treads on the stairs can be a ticking time bomb just waiting for someone to trip. Avoid using loose throw rugs or area rugs near or on the stairs. If necessary, remove the carpeting completely.

Add a Stair Chair.

If you really want to make traversing the stairs as safe as possible, consider adding a motorized stair climbing chair. These devices use a wheelchair-like apparatus to lift your elderly family member up the stairs. She can also use it to safely descend when she’s ready. This type of device is incredibly safe and secure, which might make it the perfect option if your elderly family member has severe balance issues.

Experienced elder care providers can help you to spot areas you might not have noticed as being troublesome on the stairway. They can offer you invaluable advice.

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