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Home Care in Spokane Valley WA

Benefits of Home Care: Mobility Support Out of the Home

Home Care in Spokane Valley WA: Mobility Support Outside the Home

Getting out of the home is a fantastic way to change up your senior’s routine, stimulate their mind, and help them to get more activity that can keep them healthier as they age in place. If your elderly loved one is struggling with mobility challenges, however, they may hesitate to leave the home often, or…

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How Big a Risk is Falling for Elderly Adults?

Home Care in Spokane Valley WA: Whether you have been caring for your senior for many years, or you have just gotten started in your caregiver journey, something you have likely heard a considerable amount about is fall risk. Seniors are at higher risk of experiencing a fall than younger people, and are also more likely to experience a serious consequence as a result of that fall.

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Is It Time for Home Care?

Home Care in Spokane Valley WA: Sometimes the need for home care for an older adult is easily apparent. For example, if a senior suffers an injury or sudden illness that leaves them incapacitated, it may be obvious that they’ll need assistance to live at home. However, other times the need for home care creeps up on the family slowly and may not be as easy to spot.

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