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Health Issues

What is “Chemo Brain?”

Senior Care in Liberty Lake WA: What is “Chemo Brain?”

Cancer and cancer treatment come with all sorts of troublesome side effects. One side effect that many cancer patients complain about is a feeling of mental fogginess that makes it hard for them to think and can affect memory. This side effect is often referred to as “chemo brain.” Understanding chemo brain and what it’s…

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FAQs About National COPD Month

Elder Care in Spokane WA: National COPD Month is a time for people to learn more about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a disease that affects millions of Americans. It can affect people of all ages, but it is particularly problematic in elderly adults.

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What Is Shingles and How Can It Impact Your Parent?

Elderly Care in Liberty Lake WA: In the course of your journey as a family caregiver, one issue you are likely to hear about on a regular basis, particularly as cold and flu season approaches, is shingles. This is a potentially serious health issue that can have lingering impacts for your senior.

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What You Should Know About Hospital Acquired Infections

Elderly Care in Spokane Valley WA: When you think about your parent going into the hospital to receive care, you want to think they are in the best hands possible, and that their environment is one of healing. Unfortunately, there are risks your senior faces anytime they are in the hospital.

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Can Rain Make Arthritis Pain Worse?

Elderly Care in Liberty Lake WA: Ask your aging relative’s doctor about how weather affects arthritis pain, and they might tell you it doesn’t. Many arthritis experts say there is no proof that weather makes joint pain and swelling worse. But, if you ask a senior who has arthritis, they may just disagree.

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What Are the Four Leading Stressors Affecting Seniors?

Senior Care in Spokane WA: During April’s Stress Awareness Month, it’s a good time to revisit common stressors. In 1967, Holmes and Rahe created the Social Readjustment Rating Scale. For a senior citizen, there are some events that have a higher chance of happening due to their age.

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