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Using Respite Care to Reduce Family Tension

Caregiver in Spokane WA: Using Respite Care to Reduce Family Tension

Family dynamics can complicate caregiving immensely. But respite time is an excellent tool to help you defuse those tensions and create a little space to understand each other better. You’ll Feel Better Rested. Family tension crops up for so many reasons when it comes to caregiving, but one of the things that makes it worse…

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Consider These Situations When Caring for a Parent at Home

Caregiver in Spokane WA: Your dad needs care. He hates the idea of assisted living. He’s certain he doesn’t want a stranger in his house and will not discuss full-time caregivers. He asks you to step in and help him with the activities he cannot do on his own. You’re considering it.

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Books Every Caregiver Should Read

Caregiver in Spokane WA: Becoming a family caregiver can make you feel like you’ve been thrown into deep water and it’s sink or swim. One way to overcome that feeling is by learning more about what it means to be a caregiver.

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Making Gardening Easier for Seniors

Caregiver in Spokane WA: Gardening is an excellent hobby for seniors that has many benefits. It is a physical activity, so it gets them moving, offering both aerobic and strengthening exercise. It also produces beautiful flowers that can boost moods or delicious fruits and vegetables that provide nutrients.

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Should I Film My Elderly Parent’s Memories?

Caregiver in Spokane WA: There’s no better way to capture your elderly parent’s family history and personal memories than on video. With today’s digital recording technology, just about anyone can capture their aging mom or dad’s fondest memories and important recollections.

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Does Your Senior Need Help with Eating?

Caregiver in Spokane WA: Getting proper nutrition is a critical part of protecting your loved one’s health and well-being. For many seniors, however, physical, health, and cognitive challenges could make it more difficult for them to handle the mechanics of eating or to eat the foods that they need on a regular basis.

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Love at Home’s April 2017 Caregiver of the Month Winner is Elizabeth Rogers

Love at Home Senior Care is very pleased to award Elizabeth Rogers as our distinguished Caregiver of the month, for April! Elizabeth is a dedicated mother of 8 children. She has devoted her life to raising good people. Her caring instincts have led her to work at the local schools where her children attended. To be an active volunteer in everything her kids participated in. She finds great joy and peace with family and community involvement.

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