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How Can You Keep Being a Caregiver as Long as Possible?

Elder Care in Spokane Valley WA: Caregiving doesn’t last forever, whether that means that your senior no longer needs you or you simply aren’t able to be a caregiver any longer. Ideally, you should be able to be there for your aging adult for as long as she needs you. So how do you do that?

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How to Help an Aging Relative Get Dressed

Elder Care in Spokane Valley WA: When you agree to become your elderly relative’s caregiver, you are giving them a quality of life that they cannot achieve on their own. Illness, injury, disease, and age-related chronic conditions can force elderly adults to increase their reliance on elder care assistants and family members. One of the areas that usually requires help is when seniors need to get dressed for the day.

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Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month: Celiac Disease and Elderly Adults

Elder Care in Spokane Valley WA: The risk of developing celiac disease increases with age and more elderly adults than ever are being diagnosed. Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder, means that when someone eats gluten, the body responds by attacking the small intestine. Over time, the small intestine no longer absorbs nutrients properly, leading to additional health issues.

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National Aphasia Awareness Month

Elder Care in Spokane Valley WA: Aphasia is the loss of the ability to understand or express speech. For most people, it is an ability that one takes for granted. The ability to speak, write and understand the spoken and written word are everyday, automatic occurrences that have become second nature.

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