Get Away This Summer: 7 Travel Tips for Seniors

Make the most of your summer get away with these seven simple travel tips for seniors.

What are your plans for the summer? Who is coming with you? Are you planning to travel with your grandparents?

Senior citizens need to be a little more careful when flying, driving long distances, or going on a cruise. Jet lag issues, fatigue, and immune-related complications are quite common among elderly travelers.

So what precautions should you take? Check out these travel tips for seniors to make the trip enjoyable and safe.

1. Medical Checks

It would help if you got the doctor to perform a full medical checkup. This is necessary, especially if the person has issues such as heart disease, hypertension, or any chronic condition. Consult with an expert on any concerns, including change in diet and eating habits.

It would be best if you had regular consultations with the healthcare providers, including the optometrist. The providers should list down all the prescribed medication you will need during the trip. Inform yourself about the side effects of the prescribed drugs.

Some medications may be prohibited in some countries. Check with the respective embassies to confirm the legality of your medication.

2. Update Your Vaccines

Vaccinations are essential for both you and the senior citizens. Get your pneumonia and flu vaccines before traveling. Do your research on the areas you will be visiting to check if there are any infectious diseases and get the proper vaccines.

3. Look For Senior Insurance

Travel insurance is crucial for people over the age of 65. Seniors are at a higher risk of illnesses, falling and getting hurt, or needing extra medication while traveling. The worse that could happen is getting sick or running out of medication in a foreign country.

Travel insurance might cost you an extra $100 – $200 only but it will cover you against major risks that could arise during the trip.

4. Inquire About Senior Discounts

Most travel agencies claim to provide discounts for senior citizens. Most of the discounts are a hoax.

Research by FareCompare shows that most of the senior discount deals offered by some airlines are gimmicks. If you analyze these deals, you may find that the senior tickets cost more than the regular ticket. Be careful when dealing with senior discounts.

5. Find the Right Disability Options

While booking for senior travels, do not forget to select the necessary disability options. Some airline may provide these options during the booking process. Others require you to inquire separately.

6. Safety Travel Tips For Seniors

There are several safety suggestions you should consider when traveling with senior citizens. You should avoid nighttime travels. Seniors can be considered as easy targets for theft and pick-pocketing. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and carry a “dummy” wallet in case of muggers.

7. Consider Using Guided Tours

Get guided group tours to ensure a smooth and safe time while exploring a specific region. Guided tours are more expensive than independent ones. However, the extra cost is worthwhile for the comfort and mobility of the seniors.

Plan the tour with people who share the same interests for more fun.

Enjoy a Well Planned Trip

Consider the above travel tips for seniors before going on vacation. Planning gives you peace of mind and can potentially save you enormous contingency costs. If you are a senior citizen planning a trip, take some company with you. Seniors cannot take anything for granted, especially when it is health related. We hope you enjoy your summer!

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