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Four Big Reasons for Your Senior to Seek Medical Attention after a Fall

Once your elderly family member falls, it’s vital that she sees a medical professional right away. Even if she’s not excited about the idea, there are some reasons why it’s important.

She Might Have an Injury She Doesn’t Notice.

Elderly Care in Spokane Valley WA: Seeking Medical Attention After a Fall
Elderly Care in Spokane Valley WA: Seeking Medical Attention After a Fall

A fall can be shocking, which sometimes means that your senior doesn’t notice an injury at first. By the time she does notice, it might have grown worse over time due to not dealing with it quickly. Ruling out an injury as quickly as possible is one of the biggest reasons to get your senior medical attention right away.

She Might Have a New Medical Issue.

Beyond a new injury, the fall might have been caused by a new health issue. So many illnesses can create a loss of balance or other situation that contributes to a fall. Low blood pressure, a urinary tract infection, or even dehydration could all be behind a fall. Prompt medical intervention can help to determine what new situation might have created the circumstances that caused the fall.

She Is at Higher Risk for Another Fall.

After one fall, your senior is at much greater risk of falling again. Medical experts believe this happens because of the fear of falling again, which sets in motion a self-fulfilling prophecy in which your aging family member becomes less active and therefore weaker. As that happens, her fall risk multiplies. Your elderly family member might also engage in riskier behavior, such as only getting up when she absolutely has to, which can create circumstances in which she rushes or isn’t as careful as she might have been otherwise.

She Needs to Know What Else to Watch for in the Next Few Days.

Your senior needs to know what else she should be aware of in the days after her fall. There may be some swelling and pain or she might experience muscle stiffness. It’s important that she knows what to expect so that she can contact you or elderly care providers immediately to let them know what’s happening.

Once you know where your senior stands medically after a fall, you can develop a plan to move forward. You might want to consider hiring elderly care providers to help you assess your senior’s safety at home. They can also help her with any mobility issues that she might be experiencing because of her fall.

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Andy Niska

Andy has over 20+ years experience in the medical community and has a true compassion for seniors. With a degree in Health Care Administration, he developed a background in a variety of health care services that only comes from first hand experience. While working as a manager of a large clinic and as an account executive for medical suppliers. Andy has built valuable relationships with the medical community.

His role in Love In Home Senior Care is to educate people on what care choice is the best fit for the senior and their family while attempting to make this decision as stress-free as possible for everyone involved.

This decision making process should be smooth and stress free for everyone, including all family members and their loved ones. Having access to people with experience (like the team at Love In Home Senior Care) to assist you along the way can help this process. With an extensive background in health care, Andy has the experience needed to guide and direct your loved one to the choice that is the best fit.